Thank you for visiting Korea Waste Plastic Recycling Processing Cooperation.

Our Association is the whole country association consist of partners that are manufacture & processing recycle product (make a new reproduction raw material, instrument of living & industry, material of engineering works & construction - septic tank - drainway - block - boards -etc, materials of communication & logistics, artificial fishing bank ), use as origin source all kinds of waste plastic ( waste PE, PP ) that is arise from agricultural village & daily life.

Our country, resources insufficiency country, is already in adapt a slogan as a policy goal “construction of resource recycle economic society ", We play a contributable role, economical development & saving of resource & reduction of environment pollution, by reproducing & recycling to gathering every kinds of thrown away waste plastic

We also pay attention to efforts for best recycle product’s production & supply positively by mutual information exchange & cooperation with partner to research of recycle technique, quality of product, development of new product

Continually, we promise to raise ourselves more as our lovely country's indeed famous representative recycling product production media that is for the development of recycle industry & make activate of recycling by trying furiously for progressing of customer's reliance

Thank you.